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Google Lens gets offline translation support

Tech giant Google has rolled out a new update for its Lens app. The update brings the ability to translate text without a working internet connection. The feature will work similarly as the Translate app. After this update, users will be able to translate the texts into their preferred language using Google Lens and without an internet connection.

The offline translation feature will come handy while travelling to foreign countries, wher you have limited data access. In order to use this feature, you just have to point your phone camera on a text and the app will immediately show you the translated text.

In order to add a language for offline translation support you will have to open the Google Lens app and go to Translate filter. Now you have to click on the language pill placed at the top of the screen to select the language. Now you will notice a screen where you can download the languages for offline translation support.

In order to use this feature you need to have the latest version of the Google Lens app. The company has started rolling out the update and it is expected to reach all the users soon.

Recently, Google added a guest mode to its voice-based AI support — Google Assistant. The feature aims to let users control their privacy on devices that are powered by AI. The Guest Mode can be turned on by a command “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,” and all the commands after this will not be saved to their account. Till the time the Guest Mode is on, it will not show any personal results like calendar entries or contacts.

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