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Twitter is bringing back the 'blue tick' again

When it was launched, the blue verification badge on Twitter was quite a big deal. It was a ‘seal’ of authentication and people wore it as a badge of honor. However, the verified accounts were discontinued by Twitter in 2017 as it led to a host of controversies. Now, the company has revealed that it is bringing back the coveted blue tick. Twitter has issued a set of guidelines regarding the same.

Twitter, in its guidelines, has said that only six types of accounts will be eligible for verification. These include government officials, brands/nonprofits, news, entertainment, sports, and activists. Twitter is being extra cautious and has detailed criteria for each of these categories.

The accounts that apply for verification must be complete with a profile name, bio, and profile and banner images; in active use (must have logged into the account in the last six months; The account must have a confirmed email address or phone number; and the account must not have had a 12-hour or 7-day lockout for violating the Twitter Rules in the past six months (excluding successful appeals).

Twitter has also made it clear that “certain accounts are ineligible for the blue badge, regardless of the above criteria.” These include parody, newsfeed, commentary and fan accounts. Apart from this pets and fictional characters, “unless directly affiliated with a verified Company, Brand, or Organisation, or with a verified entertainment production,” explained Twitter.

Accounts engaged in severe violations our Platform manipulation and spam policy, such as the buying and selling of followers and engagement. Also, accounts of individuals or groups associated with coordinated harmful activity, or hateful content will also be ineligible for Twitter verified status.

Twitter hasn’t confirmed when exactly the new verified accounts will start but says that it will be sometime early 2021. "Please note that our verified account program is currently on hold. We are not accepting any new requests at this time, however we plan to make it possible to apply for a verified badge starting in 2021," said Twitter on its support page.

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